Enkla elbolaget


During a 72 hour workshop at Hyper Island we had the Swedish electricity provider Enkla Elbolaget as a client. They wanted to us to come up with a way for them to properly maintain existing and future customers by positioning them as the most simple electricity provider.


In our research we found that most people didn’t really care that much about who their electricity provider was, and that they would rather spend their time with friends and family than doing everyday chores. Therefore, we wanted to enhance Enkla Elbolagets core value, simplicity, by extending their reach to not only be the simple electricity provider but also simplifying their costumer’s everyday life.


To do so, we gave their app a more UX friendly interface with an easy bank-id login; enabling customers to receive and pay their invoices within the app. We also introduced a customer loyalty program called (För)Enkla. (För)Enkla would collect discounts from services the target group preferably pay for. Yearly Enkla Elbolaget would also offer their customers a more significant reward, a quality experience, which they could use to fill their newly found free time with.


Concept + strategy